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9 of the best KS3 resources for teaching Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at school

Whether it's learning perfect tense through pop songs or fluency in speaking through Dr Who, these resources will have your class loving language learning…

by Teachwire
Adjectival agreement French resources
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! Adjectival agreement French – KS3 resource

1 | A Dr Who Task-Based Activity

Task-based learning focuses on solving a problem and is a highly communicative approach that gives importance to fluency first; then accuracy; then fluency again. This helps students to really play with the language and not be afraid to make mistakes.

This lesson, where the class is set the task of saving Dr Who‘s titular Doctor from the Daleks, captures students’ imagination and enables them to be more creative and independent learners.

Immediately, they’re engaged in solving the problem and the target language they use has genuine purpose, making it far more memorable.

Download this lesson plan here.

Help students develop their listening skills while teaching them body terminology.

If you’re a language teacher, it’s crucial to develop students’ listening skills – language acquisition depends on it. Below is a lesson plan that teachers can use to ensure learners stay engaged as they acquire and memorise key grammatical structures, as well as new terminology for the body.

Download this lesson plan here.

Help students to speak spontaneously in exams.

Complex sentences and impressive vocabulary will always impress examiners, but if a student’s mind goes blank under pressure, the ability to respond naturally to the flows of conversation can work wonders. Here are a few activities MFL you can use to encourage students towards spontaneity.

Download this lesson plan here.

Explore differences and similarities in spooky celebrations across the world from Halloween to Day of the Dead.

Offering insights into other cultures is one of the unique ways in which languages can contribute to the curriculum as it not only opens up the outside world to students but also gives them the chance to reflect on their own culture and values.

Download this lesson plan here.

Master the use of dictionaries and recognise the pitfalls of online translators.

Download this lesson plan here.

Help students learn their nouns from their verbs with the language of the kitchen.

Start to appreciate the importance of understanding the function of different parts of speech in a sentence by analysing the ingredients and processes that make up a recipe. Then acquire and/or enhance your dictionary skills and reading strategies so that you can engage with authentic resources.

Many language learners rely on online translators because they have never been taught the importance of good dictionary skills, nor how to develop them.

The ability to use a dictionary well can create some exceptional and high level work – so here are a few ideas to help students understand the importance of mastering this skill, and also allow them to recognise some of the pitfalls of internet translators.

Download this lesson plan here.

Use a pop song to teach the perfect tense.

This lesson about verbs and perfect tense uses key questioning, effective group work, the element of challenge and carefully planned activities.

The cultural element of a pop song adds relevance and proves that the teaching of grammar can be fun.

Download this lesson plan here.

Let learners argue, express and emote to see language skills soar.

In this lesson, let your students say what they really think, and you’ll be surprised how creative their language becomes.

Have pupils mind-map from an evocative image, debate their findings and opinions on it and have them justify their declarations.

Download this lesson plan here.

Improve students’ French by presenting a weather forecast.

Use this lesson to plan a weather forecast as a way of getting learners to speak in front of an audience with confidence and flair. Start by showing a video of a weather forecast in French, then see what key phrases students can pick out. Get them to work on scripts and create a weather map before recording their broadcast and playing it to their peers.

Download this lesson plan here.

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