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6 Video Ideas for Teaching Place Value in Primary Maths

Help your KS1 and 2 students get to grips with place value, whether it's whole or decimals numbers, addition or multiplication, with these tips and activities…

by Teachwire
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1 | Place value misconceptions

This video looks at the common misconceptions children make when learning about place value with decimal numbers, and how you can address them.

This includes things like thinking 3.27 is a larger number than 3.8 (because ’27’ is larger that ‘8’ and/or because 3.27 has more decimal digits) and suggest you get them to think of decimals numbers ‘three and twenty-seven tenths’ rather than ‘three point two seven’.

2 | Addressing common addition errors

Next, we’ll move onto more common place value errors children make, but this time, when adding numbers. This video walks you through some of these misconceptions, and shows you how you can help students avoid them.

3 | The concept of zero

The importance of ‘zero’ in understanding place value is essential, and this video gives you ways to help them get to grips with the idea of zero as an empty set, and how it is used as a placeholder for numbers in our base 10 structure.

4 | Multiplying by ten

Children find multiplying by 10 easy, because you can just add a 0 on the end of your number. And while tricks and shortcuts like this are useful in maths, this video helps you explain to children why the rule of adding a zero when multiplying by 10 isn’t always correct.

This is because, of course, it only works for whole numbers, not decimals. 2.5 times 10 isn’t 2.50, for example. So instead of adding a 0, children need to understand that all digits move one place to the left.

5 | The partial products strategy

With this video we’re looking at a common place value error children make when dealing with multiplication.

This error is that when multiplying numbers with multiple digits, they will often take each number at its face value, rather than its place value. This means that their answers will be incorrect.

Here are a few ideas you can share with children to reinforce the rules of multiplication and place value.

6 | How to round hundredths

This video shows how you can use the simple ‘Rounding Hundredths game’ (somewhere between Yahtzee, bingo and Connect 4) to really illustrate the concept of rounding hundredths to your students.

All you need are three dice, some counters, and a decimal board like the one in the video.

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