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6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

Get more bang for your buck with these excellent learning aids that every year group can make use of

  • 6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

It’s no secret that funding in schools is extremely tight at the moment. If your budget has been slashed, you’ll be pleased to hear that these six resources are all suitable for use across the whole school – not just one narrow year group or Key Stage. And because they all won a Teach Primary Resource Award in 2018, you can guarantee that you’re using the very best. Enjoy!

1. Izak9 from Qubizm

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

Izak9 has been developed by Qubizm in Northern Ireland, where it is already in use in 45% of schools. It combines the use of a set of physical cubes with a portfolio of online support material, facilitated by two animated characters, Abacus and Helix, who have their own virtual set of cubes, identical to those used by the children. While its developers encourage teachers to use the cubes to suit individual schools’ planning and the needs of your particular class, the online resources feature more than 30 tasks to get you started. The cubes can be used to teach fractions, percentages, decimals, equivalence, shape and more. Find out more here.

2. CanDo Geometry from Buzzard Publishing

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

CanDo Geometry consists of three parts, with each objective from Y1-6 broken down into key learning points. The first of these is Colin’s TV – a sequence of animations featuring Colin the CanDo Caribou to guide your teaching of geometry. The second is PDF learning mats which can be printed onto A3 paper to act as discussion prompts. The final part comprises the ‘Red Button’ – these are PDF activities to explore the topic in more depth. Each objective from Y1-6 is been broken down into key learning points. See here for more.

3. CREST Awards from British Science Association

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people. Around 30,000 students in the UK gain CREST Awards every year. It is a hands-on reward scheme designed to engage children in STEM subjects through inquiry-based learning. The CREST Star and SuperStar programmes (the levels designed for a primary audience) encourage pupils to explore and investigate the world around them and give them the autonomy and flexibility to ask and answer their own questions in a structured project framework. CREST can be delivered by teachers, technicians or club leaders. By encouraging students to view STEM as being about sharing ideas and asking questions, the CREST Awards help to develop a culture of ‘everyday science’. Find out more here.

4. Restorative practice prevention and intervention programme from Restorative Thinking Limited

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

This is an interactive programme that equips children with the skills and language to find solutions to everyday conflicts and reflect more on their own behaviour. It is solution-focused and deepens and develops children’s understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of life. Delivered over six sessions, the programme provides a planned and coherent curriculum opportunity, which will enhance a school’s own ethos and values through the development of SMSC across the whole school. See more here.

5. ClassVR from Avantis Education

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

ClassVR is a virtual and augmented reality system designed exclusively for the classroom, comprising all the necessary hardware, software, tools, training, support and implementation services you need to help pupils ‘travel’ to far-flung locations around the world. Children can experience different biomes, rivers, mountains and volcanoes, all from the safety of the classroom. The package includes a set of headsets in a portable storage and charging case, a pupil-friendly user interface and gesture-based controls, a range of curriculum-aligned VR and AR resources and a web-based portal for teachers. Buy it here.

6. Curriculum Basics: Teaching Primary Computing by Martin Burrett from Bloomsbury Education

6 Award-Winning Primary Resources Your Whole School Can Use

Martin Burrett’s book is a guide to teaching primary computing for non-specialists. The teaching ideas use mostly free tools that operate across the many digital platforms that primary schools use. Addressing every aspect of the national curriculum, the book is designed to be a ‘dip-in’ resource and is split into year groups. Each chapter offers practitioners an essential summary of all the information and vocabulary needed to successfully implement exciting lessons. Find it here.

Find out more about the winners of the Teach Primary Resource Awards 2018 here.

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