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3 cross-curricular resources to keep primary and secondary kids active and healthy

Keeping young people active is obviously great for both physical and mental health, and these great free resources will do this while helping them learn and have fun...

  • 3 cross-curricular resources to keep primary and secondary kids active and healthy

1 | The Travel to Tokyo Virtual Challenge – Getting active resources for ages 5-11

What’s included?
In order to best support pupils and their families in staying active together at home, we’ve created a free Home Learning Pack that is filled with ideas, including Tokyo Tens, which are fun, quick and easy ten-minute activities that encourage young people to get active at home by using simple household items as equipment.

Key Stage: KS2-4
Age: 5-11
Years: 1-9
Subjects: PSHE, PE, Citizenship,

Team GB and ParalympicsGB believe remaining active matters, now more than ever, for both physical and mental wellbeing.

While we might not be heading to the Tokyo Games this year and sports day may look a bit different, the Travel to Tokyo virtual challenge is supporting millions of 5 to 11-year-olds and their families from across the UK in getting active together as one nation.

Every physical activity, no matter how small, can be logged online as part of the Travel to Tokyo virtual challenge on the Get Set website.

By taking the time to have a walk outside or a dance around the kitchen, getting moving is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood during lockdown.

The campaign aims to help young people make more active choices, and support families and wider school communities to keep moving and build healthier habits.

Every activity counts, no matter how small and by logging activity pupils can continue to win great prizes for themselves and their schools.

Families, as well as teachers, can now access the exclusive Team GB and ParalympicsGB educational resources, including the Home Learning Pack here: getset.co.uk/resources/travel-to-tokyo/indoor-activity.

2 | Home Learning with Premier League Primary Stars – cross-curricular activities for ages 5-11

What’s included?
A home learning hub including curriculum-linked activities for PSHE, maths and English, plus fun challenges and ideas for staying active.

Key Stage: KS1/2
Age: 5-11
Years: 1-7
Subjects: PSHE, PE, maths, English

Premier League Primary Stars has released free home learning content for families, using the inspiration of the Premier League to help parents keep children motivated to learn and stay active.

Resources cover PSHE, maths and English and keeping active. Why not play our Solve, Shoot, Score maths and spelling game, try your hand at our Premier League Writing Stars poetry challenge, or use our Premier League football player cards to learn maths?

You can sign up to the parent newsletter for challenges, resource ideas and stories from the community, delivered to your inbox.

Find all this at plprimarystars.com/home-learning.

3 | Healthy Habits with Team GB – KS1-3 Activity Ideas

What’s included?
A home learning hub including activity ideas, worksheets, recipes and videos to help children and young people explore healthy food and getting active with Team GB.

Key Stage: KS1-3
Age: 5-15
Years: 1-9
Subjects: PSHE, PE, Food Technology

The Get Set to Eat Fresh home learning hub, created by Team GB and Aldi includes a range of activities to help children learn about healthy eating and build healthy habits at home.

The resources feature exclusive insights from Team GB athletes on their diet and healthy eating to inspire young people.

Resources include:

  • Team GB Bingo, Taste Treasure Hunt and more primary age activities with the Get Stuck In Activity Sheets
  • Athlete food diary and Food and activity tracker for secondary aged children
  • Healthy twists recipe cards for 7-14s to design and cook a healthy recipe

Featuring Team GB athletes and Olympic themes, explore activities for primary and secondary ages at getseteatfresh.co.uk/resources/homelearning.

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