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12 Things that can Ruin a Lesson

They can strike at any moment, and invariably will – Ian Goldsworthy runs through a dozen familiar things that can derail your teaching in a second...

  • 12 Things that can Ruin a Lesson

1 | The phantom whistler

2 | When the fire bell rings once and you wait for eternity to see if it will ring again

3 | Multilink – good as a manipulative in maths and even better for tiny sword fights under the table

4 | When you realise too late that you really should have listened to that child who said their tummy felt a little funny

5 | When the children discover that those words are in the dictionary

6 | A devastatingly contagious outbreak of “Can I go to the toilet?”

7 | The thud of a single snowflake echoing through the classroom

8 | When the YouTube clip automatically rolls on to the next video – which is inexplicably Baby Shark

9 | Running out of board pens and resorting to using the yellow one

10 | When they start a self-esteem shattering game of ‘guess the teacher’s age’

11 | A game of cat and mouse with a wasp, featuring the wasp as the cat and your dignity as the mouse

12 | When a silent fart of unknown origin leads to more accusations than a witch trial in Salem

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