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12 Things Teachers Know about Parents’ Evening

From marking books the night before to the parent who booked their appointment in the last possible slot, Ian Goldsworthy lists a dozen things every teacher will be all too familiar with...

  • 12 Things Teachers Know about Parents’ Evening

1 | The high-wire act of giving feedback to the parents of twins when you’ve not worked out which is which

2 | There’s no marking like, ‘Christ, I haven’t marked for a month and parents’ evening is tomorrow!’ marking

3 | Somehow you seem to be both 30 minutes ahead and an hour behind schedule within the same 10-minute window

4 | Anyone who says “I don’t want you to think I’m one of those parents” is absolutely one of those parents

5 | That sinking feeling when you ask if they have any questions and they pull out a list

6 | How wonderful – they’ve bought the whole family, including the baby, with them

7 | Frantically flicking through Johnny’s book for five awkward minutes before remembering the work was in his old book

8 | If in doubt, say they could always work on their spelling

9 | When you fail to proofread the children’s self-penned strengths and weaknesses

10 | The pressure of the head tapping their watch when you still have another five appointments to go

11 | Gritting your teeth as a parent jumps the queue and sabotages your carefully sequenced notes

12 | That one parent who takes a slot at the end of the evening, an hour after your previous meeting

Ian Goldsworthy is a Y2 teacher at Manor Lodge School, Shenley, Hertfordshire. Follow him on Twitter at @ian_goldsworthy.

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