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Start your own school newspaper with templates from Press Club

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Want to start a school newspaper? Or do some newspaper writing activities in class? Press Club has you covered…

“What we’ve created is a website with templates that children from the ages of 9-11 can produce themselves,” says Jo McNeill. “It’s a simple template with clear instructions, and achievable work that’s easy for them to actually complete.”

Students can then either upload to a school website as a PDF or they can print it out.

“It’s very straightforward,” says Jo. “Students won’t get confused with too many fonts or design choices. Sometimes, at least I found in my 10 years in my local primary school, than if you give them too many options like that then the actual work doesn’t get done.”

It’s not just templates, however, you’ll also find PDFs and videos on the site to see what other children have done before, to give them ideas and inspiration for what to put in their own paper, as well as ideas for questions, themes and topics.

“The website only costs £50 for the whole year,” says Jo, “and then everybody in the school can use it.”