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BETT 2020: ScholarPack – MIS designed for Primary Schools

Last updated:
27th January 2020

ScholarPack has a message for those attending BETT this year – you have a real choice.

ScholarPack is challenging Primary Schools to take a look at their MIS product.

Richard Harley, CEO of ScholarPack, said: “We’ve launched a new campaign at BETT this year. It’s all about getting schools to understand they have a choice with their MIS system. ScholarPack is one of the fastest growing cloud providers. We are the only MIS that is specifically focused at primary schools.

“We really know that marketplace, what primary Schools need on a day-to-day basis, from taking registers and how that process works. It’s completely different to how secondary schools operate. We feel that we really understand that part of the market and the software is completely geared up to what they need.

“ScholarPack itself is the platform and customers use it to run the data in their school. That’s everything from managing student data, behaviour, staff attendance and so on. That binds the platform and then we have a couple of option modules, such as an assessment package which is tracking children’s progress and communicating with parents and again there are additional extras.

“We are always adding features that primary schools want. The big thing we have done this year is engage with the user base to understand what they need from a MIS system for 2020. We really want to understand what they want for the next five years to ten years. So we are collating all that feedback and we have a couple of product launches coming up later this year, but I’m not allowed to talk about that!”

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