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Safer Schools – The knowledge you need for effective online safeguarding

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

What Ineqe Safeguarding Group’s Safer Schools platform aims to do is cut through the noise and provide young people, teaches, parents and carers with the accurate information and advice on how to identify and respond to the difficult situations young people can sometimes find themselves coming up against online.

Conceived as an online resource with different logins for different users, the Safer Schools app can provide young people with helpful pointers and advice for what do when they run into problems online, be it instances of harassment or message exchanges with strangers. Parents are provided with clear, straightforward information regarding online trends and concerns to watch out for, while teachers can access to CPD-accredited training in how to keep young people safe in their use of technology and social media.

According to Roseanna Long, head of learning, development and research at Ineqe, “We’ve found that what’s really valuable is Safer Schools’ ability to distribute information to parents. We know that a lot of the time, the challenge can be getting parents to come in and engage; Safer Schools provides them with lots of information that shows them how to have conversations with their children about problems they might encounter when online.”

Keeping the platform’s information timely and up-to-date is a Belfast-based safety and content team that continually tracks and monitors popular and up-and-coming apps and media coverage relating to online safety. Users also receive a weekly digest of the latest online developments and potential risks to watch out for.

The Safer Schools platform is free to access for any schools insured by Zurich Municipal; for more information, and to find out if your school is eligible to use the app, visit oursaferschools.co.uk.