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Make maths fun with Qwizzle Games

Last updated:
24th January 2020

“It’s a range of 48 different games that are aligned to the national curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2,” says Jason Lake, creator of Qwizzle Games. “The existing games cover various subject areas such as difference, fractions, times tables, properties of shapes.

“Each of those games can be built on one game board. There’s one piece with a logo on that has to be put on a certain position on the game board, and then the game can start from there. Or you can play without the game board.”

So far, so simple, but there’s way more that’s gone into these little triangular cards than that.

Firstly, they’re printed in a special font that’s good for anyone with any special educational needs like dyslexia. Each of the pieces are laminated for longevity, and to stop them being reflective. And they’ve also been laboratory tested, so they’re CE marked and don’t have any toxic properties.

“There are three different box sets available, but you can also buy puzzles individually,” says Jason. “There’s a box set with 40 puzzles in that covers the whole of Key Stage 1, a box set for times tables. And each puzzle is colour coded by key stage. So Key Stage 1 is in blue, Key Stage 2 is in purple. And each individual puzzle’s cards are all coded on the back so they don’t get mixed up.”

On top of this, every puzzle has a QR code on it which reveals the answer, so children can check it themselves or you can once they’re done. Just scan it in and it immediately brings up the finished puzzle. There are also QR codes for how to play should you need them.

“Kids of any age love games, so this way they’re having fun and learning or checking their own knowledge,” says Jason. “The cards can be used prelearning, so a teacher can gauge how a child is doing on any given subject putting the puzzle together, or they can be used during learning or post learning.”