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Konica Minolta – Ultra-smart security and IT support

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Perhaps the most arresting product on show at Konica Minolta’s stand was Mobotix – an intelligent video surveillance system that’s less CCTV, and more what Jonathan Smith, Konica Minolta’s public sector business unit leader, document services, described to us as, “a computer with a lens.”

Viewed on the large monitor pictured above, the Mobotix camera was able to track and follow the faces of countless passing visitors. Those stopping to get a better look were then singled out for headshots appearing at the bottom of the screen, beside an estimate of their ages (a scarily accurate one, in the case of your correspondent) and a simple icon to assess their facial expression and mood – happy, neutral sad and so forth. The camera is also capable of thermal imaging – ideal for spotting cigarettes in no smoking areas – and can be made to sound an alarm when a pre-set temperature threshold is reached.

Also on display was the Workplace Hub, referred to by Smith as an ‘IT department in a box.’ Outwardly resembling a large office printer – printing being its secondary function – it’s designed mainly for primary schools and smaller education settings without onsite IT staff. The unit contains a server able to take care of a school’s user management needs, firewalls, internet security, software updates, licenses, app distribution and other IT essentials, all accessible via a simple to use dashboard. Find out more at konicaminolta.co.uk.