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Itslearning aims at lifting the burden

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

Workload targeted with LMS platform.

Itslearning is hoping its education technology will smooth the waters for teachers and pupils alike – and has taken residence of the Sunborn Yacht at this year’s Bett to showcase exactly how.

The company’s LMS platform aims to tackle the pain points of teaching and increase efficiency.

Matthew Jordan, UK sales and marketing manager, explained: “The key points for our users tend to be around workload and that’s one of the main things we’re addressing here at Bett. We have a number of sessions talking about reducing workload and where the efficiencies are within the product.

According to Matthew, one of the key advantages of the platform is the ability to get submissions right first time.

“Students are able to contact the teacher, who can see them doing the work as they’re working through it. They can help them out and spend ten minutes looking at that, where they might otherwise just be waiting for the next lesson. It saves them having to mark the work, send it back, have it resubmitted, send it back. Instead, it’s right first time. As a result, first-time submission pass rates skyrocket from using the product.”

Itslearning is working with the likes of Google and Microsoft and Matthew believes these collaborations are key to helping users become accustomed to using technology.

He added: “There is also the ability for, say, multi-academy trusts to see quickly from a multi-school point of view how teachers are teaching, what’s working and what’s not working well. You can see everything from lesson planning to learning objectives, student attainment and feedback.”