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Fiction Express wins Bett Award for Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Choose your own adventure? How about create your own adventure?

With Fiction express that’s exactly what kids get.

The company works with authors to write five-chapter books, where children get to vote on where the story goes next.

Chapters are written on a weekly basis, and readers have five days to read it, and choose from options about what will happen in the next chapter, and the author will write based on the winning twist or turn.

There’s also a book form where children can submit ideas, and the writers might take them and add them to the story.

Children are engaged as the co-create the story, and take part in curriculum-linked activities online based on grammar, vocabulary, creative writing and other areas of literacy.

“The most important thing, aside from being very useful, is that it works,” says Cristina Puig Balmes, partner and CMO of Fiction Express, “and it really doubles the amount of hours the kids spent reading, which is really important to me.”

“They improve their writing very quickly, because you can see their vocabulary growing from what they’ve just read, and how they use that in their own writing.”