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Divoom: Pixel art brought to life

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

Turning a fair few heads on the show floor were the brightly coloured displays of the ‘pixel art products’ developed by Divoom. Distributed in the UK by Osborne Technologies, Divoom’s purpose-built devices give children the opportunity to experiment with and create their own 16x16 pixel computer graphics in a uniquely hands-on, tactile way.

The company’s Pixel Factory device combines a 16x16 pixel touch display that serves as a drawing board, beside a set of dials and buttons that can be used to quickly and easily create simple animations. The pitch to education users is that the Pixel Factory and Divoom’s complementary pixel art display devices – including the retro CRT-aping Tivoo and arcade cabinet-styled (not to mention Tetris/Snake-playing) Ditoo – can be used to teach the foundational principles of computer graphics to children aged three and up.

There’s also an accompanying app that can be used to share designs between different Divoom devices and download user-submitted pixel creations and animations from the online Divoom community. Curious? Head to divoomuk.com to find out more.