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Cornerstones Education are really putting the ‘educational’ part of EdTech first

Last updated:
24th January 2020

​Having been at the Education Show for about a decade, its merger with the Bett show means that this is the first time Cornerstones Education has been at Bett.

The company has switched over to doing software for schools, and launched a new product, called Curriculum Maestro, back in September.

This draws on all of Cornerstones’ curriculum content from the past 10 years and can be used by schools from the creation of their curriculum right through to the delivery of it, as well as assessment.

It was developed with 400 pioneer schools, and since the September launch there are now over 1,000 schools using it.

It starts with the curriculum. The curriculum is at the heart of it. And it allows you to design and deliver your curriculum.

And ‘your’ really is the key word in there, because you can make it bespoke to your school.

It’s especially useful for subject leaders, providing them with support while for their teaching and staff development.