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Casio – school projectors without the lamp-related headaches

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Casio may not have been unveiling any brand new products in its education solutions projector range this year, but it was in celebratory mood at the Bett Show 2020, marking 10 years since ushering in its first lamp-less models.

The company has since gone lamp-less across the entire line-up without skimping on brightness. Its current offerings range from the short-throw UST312 capable of 3,500 lumens and WXGA resolution for smaller classrooms, up to the ‘Superior Series’ ES400, with its 4,000 lumens and WUXGA resolution and what the company states is its ‘best ever picture.’

The latter also includes Casio’s compelling ‘One Click Connection’ and Moderator Function’ features, enabling teachers to get up and running without having to hunt for the right cables and source inputs, and then instantly project the display of any student’s PC to the front of the classroom once the lesson is underway. Up to 40 devices can be connected to the projector simultaneously to enable switching between them, and a maximum of four different sources can be projected at once, making it easier to facilitate class discussions and comparisons. If you want to find out more, head to projectors.casio.co.uk.