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Canva – Unlock your inner graphic designer

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

It’s a cloud-based platform that aims to make it as easy as possible to create attractive designs for everything from posters to flyers, greeting cards, brochures, certificates and everything in between.

This year’s Bett Show sees the launch of Canva for Education – a new initiative prompted in large part by teachers using Canva’s existing service to produce displays and promotional materials for their schools and classrooms. According to Georgia Vidler, Canva’s director of product, “We’ve had thousands of teachers using the platform, hacking around it in ingenious ways. We saw this incredible demand and wanted to create a product that was purpose-built for education.”

Canva for Education is geared towards teachers whose design needs might include infographics, presentations, worksheets and classroom signage, as well as collaborative design projects that students can contribute to. It effectively makes Canva’s premium offering (priced at £10.99 per month or £107.88 annually for individual users) available to schools entirely free of charge. That includes a plethora of images, templates, fonts and illustrations, alongside education-friendly features such as Google Classroom integration, shared folders and ‘classroom spaces’ for collaborative projects. There’s also a mechanism by which teachers can leave feedback on student-submitted designs.

Further details can be found at canva.com/education, while those jumping in for the first time can get a better sense of what Canva can do by heading on over to designschool.canva.com.