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BETT 2020: Reducing teacher workload through the cloud with Learning by Questions

Last updated:
24th January 2020

It’s been a good BETT 2020 so far for Learning by Questions.

Tony Cann CBE, founder of Learning by Questions (LbQ) and Promethean won this year’s prestigious BETT award for outstanding achievement in ICT education.

LbQ also won the award for Secondary Content and was a finalist in the Classroom Aids for Teaching & Learning award and the Impact award alongside Washacre Primary School of Bolton who credit LbQ in helping them to leap 41 places up the league table.

In the last three years, LbQ has been nominated nine times for Bett awards, collecting Innovator of the Year in 2019.

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a cloud-based educational classroom tool. The app ensures that teachers can support all their learners all the time whilst reducing the unnecessary aspects of their workload such as marking and resource finding.

This is possible through a vast library of 1800 curriculum-based Question Sets covering KS2, KS3, KS4 maths, science and English that teachers can select from and learners progress through.

Every answer learners give has a perfectly attuned feedback response from the system and the result is that they are encouraged to have another go and learn from every attempt.

At the same time, teachers are able to see on a live matrix board exactly how their class is getting on and intervene swiftly with individuals, groups or whole class. Since the lesson is automatically marked, teachers have more time to use the results and plan effectively ahead.

Heather Abela, Learning by Questions, head of PR, said: “Ultimately we reduce teacher workload because the content is already ready, it’s written by teachers for teachers. Teachers can see immediately who needs their help, so they can teach what they need to teach to who they need to teach it to. The pupils get immediate feedback to every single question they answer, so they’re learning in the moment and the teachers can respond in the moment.”

40,000 hours were saved by LbQ teachers in the first year.

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