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BETT 2020: MyConcern - effective safeguarding software for schools

Last updated:
24th January 2020

MyConcern has developed safeguarding software that is a safe and effective way for recording and managing safeguarding and wellbeing concerns about children, young people and adults.

MyConcern has been created by child protection professionals, relentless in their efforts to keep children, young people and adults at risk safe from harm. They are a safeguarding company, first and foremost, and as such, protecting the most vulnerable people in society is at the heart of all they do.

MyConcern is a secure and trusted safeguarding software used by schools, colleges and other organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Created by former senior police officers with over 60 years of experience in safeguarding and child protection, it enables staff to easily record, report and manage all safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral concerns.

MyConcern is intuitive to use, saves significant amounts of time and provides peace of mind. The safeguarding software achieves all of this while enabling early intervention and allowing a team to be built around the person at risk.

Mike Glanville, Director of Safeguarding Services, MyConcern, said: “MyConcern is a very easy way for staff to record a concern. They can go on to the system on any device, it’s cloud based, and record a concern. And that concern is notified to the safeguarding lead in the school. And what the safeguarding lead is then able to do is case manage that concern. They can link those concerns to the profile of a pupil, they can upload documents and there’s an automated chronology within the system, all that is taken care of for them. And it’s all very secure - which is a very important part of the system .

“Essentially, they are then able to see much more easily any problems when they occur because they have that trend data. And that’s a big part of what the system is able to do, is to spot problems early for the safeguarding lead and then put the interventions in place to stop the big thing from happening.

“MyConcern gives you the big picture so you have the overview, it produces reports for safeguarding leads. They can invite members of staff into a concern or a profile. So the sharing of the information is easy and in child protection cases that is absolutely critical. So to be able to do that is essential.It’s not about one person being responsible and also it allows being able to invite, when they need to, other agencies as well. A school doesn’t operate in a safeguarding or child protection bubble, they have to be able to work with other agencies in a very effective way and the system enables them to do that.

“The other big benefit of the system is efficiency. Managing stuff on paper needs to be consigned to the past. These are busy, professional people, they haven’t got the time to be able to manage the quantity of concerns and quantitative paper that comes through the system.”

MyConcern is also part of the Safeguarding Advisory Board which will provide expert advice on a wide range of safeguarding issues.

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