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BETT 2020: Learn to code with Kubo - it’s as easy as solving a puzzle

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Kubo are engaging students with coding through a cute robot.

Kubo is a multi-award winning classroom solution that breaks down barriers to teaching computer science and coding.

Their classroom solutions include curriculum standard lesson plans and teacher guides, to make coding easy and fun.

Kubo is screen free coding, from basic to advanced level, for children aged four to ten plus.

Jinny Christiansen, Kubo Head of Marketing, said: “Kubo is designed to really introduce coding and it’s quite a pure product. We are introducing coding syntax but it’s done in a very playful and creative way and we have a lot of activities that are cross curricula. We are very mindful of primary school teachers and how they approach education. We know that they want to embed the whole algorithmical, computational thinking, but in a playful and creative way. Kubo will only do what the kids tell it to do. So to begin with there are only three basic instructions to learn - go forward, go right and go forward or go left and go forward. So the first thing they do is to teach Kubo to follow their instructions.

“Kubo reads a little TagTile, with an RFID chip, and he does exactly what you tell him to do. Once they get to grips with the basic instructions, we introduce the idea of memorising. A robot needs to learn to remember. We teach kubo to memorise with a function and then it becomes increasingly advanced. Once they have that first line of code and have understood a function, we introduce the concept of loops, which is a repeat. Then we gradually increase and introduce sub-routines and this is where it really becomes algorithmic thinking. So you have a set of instructions within a set of instructions. So that’s the starter pack and it comes with 16 lessons, fully illustrated materials online for students and teachers, video tutorials and everything they need to get started.

“Then if they want to advance the coding and make it more creative and playful we have Kubo + and then if you want to take it to Key Stage 2 there is Kubo ++.”

“Kids love the robot, it’s cute, it’s playful and it’s fun. The teachers love it as well!”

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