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BETT 2020: Faronics Wise wants to add fun to MIS

Last updated:
24th January 2020

Faroncis Wise wants to bring a little fun to MIS.

Administrative tasks can account for two-thirds of a teacher’s day. Faronics Wise is a fully integrated, feature-rich cloud platform, specifically designed to automate and modernize every aspect of the educational process.

By consolidating, digitizing, and centralizing everyday tasks and tools, schools can reduce costs and deliver higher performance scores, all while allowing teachers to engage more fully with parents and students.

Christopher Stockley, Faronics Wise commercial lead, said: “The USP for our product is it’s a whole suite system. It’s cloud-based, it’s highly secure, it’s an AWS, the most secure cloud solution. It’s also cost effective. Essentially, using it fully you can digitize pretty much everything you do manually, which is massively important particularly with EACP forms for SENCO and individual education plans. Also with disparate software tools all over the place you have to manage each cost and you have to get all those technologies to talk. If it’s all in one place, you know where your data is and subsequently you’re in a situation where you are saving money, you’re removing disparate tools and you’re consolidating your data to a level where the work involved in managing that data is minimal.

“We’ve now integrated with amazon with regards to speech technology, So at some point, not at this show sadly, but at some point this year we will be able to use Alexa. So parents will be able to ask Alexa if their children have done their homework or ask about their attendance.

“When you look at MIS systems it tends to be a quite serious thing but we want it to be as fun as possible and as intuitive as possible for people to use, including parents. Parent engagement has always been a challenge for schools, depending on the demographic, sometimes depending on the type of school you are. We have a parent portal and a pupil portal, it’s the same portal. So the student can log in, parents log in over the top with more permissions and you can see the students attendance, behaviour, timetable everything. It’s very engaging like that. Just little extras to make it fun.”

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