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BETT 2020: Developing STEM with DFRobot

Last updated:
24th January 2020

DFRobot is a world-leading STEM education solution provider catering to a large community of future creators.

Historically focusing on robotics, technologies and applications, in 2013, DFRobot expanded its offering by launching its STEM education resources. DFRobot creates comprehensive learning kits for students to engage with in the classroom. Its robotic kits, using Ardunio/micro:bit/Raspberry Pi and DIY robots, offer pupils an engaging method of developing skills associated with STEM subjects and technologies including AI and Internet of Things (IoT).

Yuan Teng, DFRobot PR manager, said: “We are blending ‘smart garden’ design with the IoT technology to show students and teachers how to monitor and instruct intelligent systems by combining the knowledge and skills from block coding, programming science and nature in one powerful and engaging lesson.

“Using the MaqueenPlus and Maqueen Mechanics - AI enabled robotics kits - we can demonstrate how they work in an intelligent transportation display. The Maqueen products are able to recognise tags and act like miniature mechanical beetles.

“We also have the HuskyLens AI Camera, which is an AI-powered vision sensor compatible with microcontrollers. It is very friendly to younger aged students as it has several built-in algorithms that allow them to make creative AI projects without previous algorithmic knowledge. HuskyLens is equipped with algorithms of facial recognition, object recognition, object tracking, line following, colour detection and tag detection.”

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