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BETT 2020: Build robots and learn to code

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

BETT 2020: Build robots and learn to code

Robo Wunderkind is an award winning, LEGO-compatible robotics platform that supports children’s development by giving them a fun way to learn the basics of coding robotics, and 21st century skills.

Anna Iarotska, CEO Robo Wunderkind, said: “The robot is the core then we developed a little educational content around it. So now we are getting into a more profound conversation with teachers on how they can use robotics in their classes. Not just coding but English learning and Maths projects.

“The product itself has three parts. On one hand, it’s building blocks to build robots, so they snap colourful building blocks and there’s colour logic behind the colours to build different types of robot with motors, sensors and lights, and they have apps to program now as well. We have apps for different ages and also for different expertise levels, so they can start very easy at programming. Then they have additional content like worksheets and projects, which they can do in the classroom. It’s all designed for age five plus and we also have content for different age groups.

My favourite thing about the product is how flexible it is, that we have a really great partnership with Scottish SPA and they do projects where they educate children on animal treatment and our robot is a medium for making it engaging for children. A lot of children they work with are very interested in technology but they don’t really like listening to what adults are telling them. It’s about how we can integrate robotics into our education system and how you can make education more engaging.”

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