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BenQ RM series – the hassle-free 4K whiteboards you’ve been waiting for?

Last updated:
24th January 2020

BenQ was busy unveiling the latest 4K additions to its RM series of interactive flat panel displays for education users. Available in 55-, 65- 75- and 86-inch variants, they’ll be rolling out across next 12 months and boast a number of features aimed at making teachers’ lives easier. The screens’ onboard Android OS is presented via an interface that should be instantly familiar to most smartphone users, and makes it easy to share images and documents via Google Drive, OneNote and Dropbox, with the option to save them to the unit’s 16GB internal memory – all without a PC.

The screens can also broadcast notifications and on-screen messages to other compatible BenQ devices around the school site that are on the network, making it easy to distribute announcements in the form of tickertape notices, emergency messages in lockdown situations and digital signage during parents’ evenings.

Elsewhere at the BenQ stand was a selection of ‘InstaShare’ devices designed to connect laptops with BenQ screens and those from other suppliers with minimal hassle. An InstaShare wireless receiver plugs into the school network via LAN and the destination screen via HDMI. A transmitter dongle with a split HDMI and USB connector then plugs into the laptop, whereupon its AV signals can be sent to a screen up to 10m away via a securely encrypted wireless connection. All that’s needed is a single click of the dongle’s synchronisation button. According to Alicia Asquith, sales manager at BenQ, “It’s true plug and play. There’s no additional software to download. Anyone using a laptop with admin rights won’t need to worry about anything.” Those curious for more details should head on over to benq.co.uk.