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BBC Bitesize finds the key to engagement

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

Learning games and fun characters prove a hit with children.

The BBC Bitesize stand at Bett was expecting a busy opening day but it wasn’t quite ready for its popularity with the younger attendees.

Bitesize is showcasing its primary content, particularly games for KS1 and KS2 including Galaxy Pugs, Karate Cats, Crystal Explorers and Earth Squad, Go, and they appear to have gone down well with teachers and pupils alike.

Producer Karen Williams explained: “We’ve had teachers on the stand but we’ve also had loads of children, which we weren’t necessarily expecting. It’s been great because we’ve got the iPads here for the to get directly involved. We had a headteacher here with a group of children from his school and they were here for about 20 minutes playing the games. The children really find the characters engaging.”

The BBC Bitesize games focus on various subjects – at present, primarily English, Maths and science.

Karen said: “The games all support what the children are learning in class and match the curriculum. They’re not necessarily for teachers to use in the classroom but more to encourage children to learn at home. So, they can help with their spelling and their times tables, they can learn about science. There’s a whole range of content.”

There are more games in the pipeline to be released this year, including a KS1 maths and geography games, MFL offerings for KS2