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Apple shows how everyone can create

Last updated:
23rd January 2020

Space-themed pop-up classroom stars at Bett.

Apple has been producing education software for 40 years but the latest was on show at Bett 2020 courtesy of a pop-up classroom, offering attendees an immersive and engaging experience using its ‘Everyone Can Create’ and ‘Everyone Can Code’ curriculum.

The experience involved the use of iPads to unleash users’ creativity through drawing, photography, video, music, coding and augmented reality. Participants were able to get hands-on with the fun activities, then save and share their projects with peers.

Featuring a space theme, the pop-up classroom had Apple teachers on hand to guide users through the simple steps on the iPad to perform such activities as recreating the Apollo 11 mission through augmented reality, making a video using the app Clips and taking basic steps in Swift, Apple’s coding language, with interactive games.

It all amounted to a thoroughly engaging demonstration on the potential of the iPad as an education tool.

The software is all available for free from the Apple Store.