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Explore, Create And Collaborate During STEM Lessons

Computer programmers, chemists, maths teachers, robotics engineers – these jobs all have one thing in common: they’re all STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) professions. Yet, the path to embarking on a career in this sector doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it often begins during childhood. Primary pupils are naturally inquisitive...

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How Do You Think Like A Computer?

Whether or not your pupils are budding coders heading for Tech City, the idea of computational thinking is a fantastic transferable skill to have, especially now that a great deal of careers will be involved with technology in some way or another. But how exactly can you encourage this type of...

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About LEGO® Education

For generations, LEGO® has given children of all ages a means of exploring their imagination, expressing their creativity and conceptualising stories, history and the world around them.

That same impulse that drives children's early love of LEGO® is just as powerful when it comes to their formal learning at both primary school and secondary school.

LEGO® Education provides schools with physical kits and digital learning tools, through which pupils can engage with a range of National Curriculum subjects – including maths, science and computing – in a uniquely engaging and rewarding way.