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Make Maths Fun And Get Hands-On In Early Years

Numeracy is a skill we use every day, sometimes without even realising.How many times have you counted out your change to pay for something? Or checked your watch for the time? These all involve some basic form of maths knowledge – so it follows that engaging young children with maths...

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Get Children Talking

Being able to communicate with other people and feel confident in being able to convey feelings and emotions, is important for adults and children alike. Not just for reasons of wellbeing, but because it’s key to developing positive relationships with others.Last month, schools around the country marked Anti-Bullying...

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About LEGO® Education

For generations, LEGO® has given children of all ages a means of exploring their imagination, expressing their creativity and conceptualising stories, history and the world around them.

That same impulse that drives children's early love of LEGO® is just as powerful when it comes to their formal learning at both primary school and secondary school.

LEGO® Education provides schools with physical kits and digital learning tools, through which pupils can engage with a range of National Curriculum subjects – including maths, science and computing – in a uniquely engaging and rewarding way.